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Apply for Grinnell Approval

How to Apply

 The following components will be part of your online application to an off-campus study program:
Declared major – The form must be signed by your academic adviser after reviewing your OCS proposed course AND a 4-year plan.
Undeclared – The form must be signed by your current academic adviser. A faculty member in your intended major department must also review your 4-year plan. You do not need to submit your 4-year plan in your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that both conversations take place.
Double majors - If you have declared/intend to declare a double-major, obtain the signature of your primary academic adviser after faculty members from both departments have reviewed your 4-year plan. It is your responsibility to ensure both conversations take place.
Concentration credits – For OCS courses to count towards the concentration, signature approval from the concentration adviser is needed.
NOTE: You do not need to submit your 4-year plan in your OCS application but it should be discussed with your academic adviser(s) to ensure you can graduate in 4 years. Only liberal arts courses in disciplines taught at Grinnell are eligible for transfer credit and only if you take the courses for a letter grade (not pass/fail or as an incomplete) and earn a C or above. Typically pre-professional courses such as business, marketing, journalism, graphic design, engineering or fashion are not transferable. Syllabi can be reviewed by the OCS Director and the Registrar's office before you take the course.
  • Reflection prompts and short-answer essays:
Academic and Learning Goals
Please review “Choosing a Program” on the OCS website and Grinnell College’s Global Education Learning Goals on the website of the Institute for Global Engagement. Bullet list 1 or 2 of your academic goals for your off-campus study experience and 1 Grinnell Global Education Learning Goal that is the most important to you in selecting the program that you are proposing in this application.
Other Goals 
Considering some of the factors discussed in “Choosing a Program,” please share any pre-professional and/or personal objectives not directly related to your academic goals for the experience. [approximately 100-150 words]
Describe how the program will help you meet those academic and learning goals, providing specific examples of the courses you think you’d like to take as well as any community engagement opportunities you may pursue (research, internship, service-learning, homestay, etc.).. [approximately 200-250 words]
Discuss ways in which your overall learning experience while off campus may connect to your studies and life when you return or your potential plans after graduation. Among other things, are there ways you could imagine sharing your experiences with the Grinnell College community? [approximately 150-200 words]
Based on what you have already learned about the region, country and/or host populations, what do you expect is the most important thing for you to know to adapt successfully? What do you expect is the most important thing to anticipate regarding your intersecting identities?  What kinds of behavior or actions do you think will positively impact the host community for the time that you are there, and also help you better understand your position in the world through their eyes? [approximately 200-250 words]
  • Recommendation form: Students should ask their tutorial or major adviser if they would be willing to serve as a recommender at least a week or two prior to the deadline. After inputting a name into the system, the recommender will receive an automated email with a link to a brief online form.