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Sexual Respect

Respect sign

Grinnell College policy concerning sexual respect applies while you are participating in an IGE-sponsored global learning opportunity. If you experience any form of prohibited or unwanted behavior, we encourage you to seek support from the Title IX coordinator listed on that web page as well as a program leader you trust, after going to a safe place and seeking medical attention if needed. To report after Grinnell's business hours, please contact Campus Safety 24/7 at 1-641-269-4600. Campus Safety staff can help you get connected to confidential and/or non-confidential College resources based on your preference. 

Students will also be bound by their program's policies and the laws of the city, state, and/or country in which they operate. At your request, Grinnell College staff can assist by contacting your program to act as your advocate and help to ensure that you receive all due care, attention, and assistance from the program itself.