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Financial Resources


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Understanding the financial aspects of OCS is important to a successful experience.

Program Costs

For off-campus study during the fall and spring semesters, Grinnell tuition is charged in place of the program tuition when it is equal or less than Grinnell tuition. When program tuition exceeds Grinnell tuition, the program's tuition will replace Grinnell tuition. Non-tuition costs billed by the program, such as room and board, will appear on your student account.

Specific costs can be found on program websites and estimates are often provided for additional expenses such as airfare, books, ground transportation, health insurance, passport, potential visa fees, immunizations, cell phones, toiletries or personal travel. You are encouraged to compare program costs when choosing a program to address financial considerations as well as your academic goals.

Students who participate in summer study away experiences are billed directly by their program for all costs.

College Billing

During the fall and spring semesters, billing procedures and dates for off-campus study are essentially the same as on campus. The College invoice will list:
  • Grinnell tuition or program tuition (whichever is greater)
  • Grinnell's administrative fee of $350 for an off-campus study semester
  • Grinnell College student health insurance (may be waived)
  • Room and board, if charged by the program
  • Any other fees charged by the program (see program websites for details)
  • Credit for any paid program deposit 
Estimated program charges will be reflected in the College statement. Once an invoice is received from a program, the statement will be updated if any adjustments are needed. Credits such as financial aid, program deposits, or subsidies will be included.

Those who have selected the monthly payment plan may continue and payments will be adjusted accordingly. 

Questions regarding billing should be directed to 641-269-4100.  

Financial Aid

During the fall and spring semesters, Grinnell allows you to apply need and merit-based financial aid to off-campus study. Policies and estimated cost information can be found on the Financial Aid Office's website and this handy tip sheet. Note that the overall cost of attendance - including estimated out-of-pocket expenses - are considered when aid is repackaged and some expenses may be covered by additional loans. Students studying abroad will not be able to participate in work-study.

There is no financial aid available through Grinnell College's Office of Financial Aid for summer study away experiences.

Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to Steph Haines ( in the Financial Aid Office.

Program Deposits
Deposits are not paid by the College. After being admitted to your program, you will need to pay the program deposit to confirm your intent to participate. Check your program's website to find out the exact amount ($500 is typical but the amount can be higher). After receiving your deposit, the program will send you detailed information about flights, visas, housing, and other important details. For OCS during the fall and spring semesters, many programs will apply the deposit as a credit on your College invoice.

Deposits are usually non-refundable. Refer to individual program websites for withdrawal policies and penalties.

Scholarship Information

We have compiled this list of Scholarship Resources. It is not intended to be exhaustive but to assist students in finding additional sources of funding for studying off-campus. CLS offers assistance with applications and maintains a list of Fellowships and Awards on GrinnellShare (use your Grinnell user-id to log in).

Program Provider Funding

Many program providers have scholarships to assist students with expenses. Check program websites for details about eligibility, deadlines and how to apply. The list below provides examples.

General Scholarships for Study Abroad

Specific countries or regions

External Search engines to identify additional funding sources

Additional Resources

GO Overseas has an online article with links to Study Abroad Grants and Scholarships.