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Off-Campus Study Planning Timeline

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May to September

Students are encouraged to discuss off-campus study with their tutorial advisers during their first year.


As a second year, Identify goals and interests.
Meet and discuss options with faculty, campus program advisers, peers and family.
Attend OCS meetings and the OCS Fair.


Narrow down programs to those that meet your goals and interests best.

October - Fall Break

Discuss your plans with family/guardians. 
Discuss budgets and costs. Meet with Financial Aid.
Ask parent/guardian to read and sign the waiver forms.


Start the Pre-application Checklist.
Deadline for alternative program or year-long petitions.
Make appointments with faculty for recommendations or signatures.


Complete any items left on the on-line application.
Applications for approval to study off-campus are due in early December. Note: Grinnell-in-London application is due in February.