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Global Learning Goals

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Students pursuing global learning should develop the ability to:

  1. Understand and experience a place outside of their home country, using a complex set of skills and knowledge that represents the diversity of learning experiences at Grinnell College, including the study of languages. “Place” can be defined broadly as a city, region, ecosystem, or other geographic entity, and it includes the people who reside in that location.
  2. Understand a global process or system (e.g. climate change and sustainability, migration, development, international trade, linguistic patterns, religious practices, literary or artistic traditions, colonialism) that connects different places in the world.
  3. Identify a topic, issue, practice, custom, idea and/or historical debate on which people in different parts of the world have varying opinions or attitudes and ways of expressing them, and then be able to explain the reasons behind these differences.
  4. Understand their home or home country in global terms. That is, students should understand the relationships between the home country and other places in the world, and students should recognize how particular characteristics of the home country are practiced differently in other places.
  5. Navigate societies, work in cultures, and understand and speak languages other than their own.