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Tuition and Aid

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Program Costs

Grinnell tuition is charged in place of the program tuition when it is equal or less than Grinnell tuition. When program tuition exceeds Grinnell tuition, the program's charge will replace Grinnell tuition. Some total program costs vary due to fluctuations in exchange rates and are subject to change without notice. Non-tuition costs, such as room and board charged by the program, will appear on the student account in addition to the tuition charge. Program costs such as room and board are published on program sites. You can find a link to the program homepage on the program brochure.

Specific program costs can be found on program websites and vary in what is included. Some will include airfare, books, local travel expenses and some will not. Investigate costs and budget for personal expenses such as passports, visas, immunizations, cell phones or additional travel. You are encouraged to compare program costs when choosing a program to meet your academic and financial needs.

College Billing

The college billing procedure for off-campus study is essentially the same as for a semester on campus. Bills will arrive the last week of June and the last week of November. The college invoice will list:
  • Grinnell tuition or program tuition (whichever is greater)
  • the administrative fee of $300 for an off-campus study semester
  • Grinnell College student health insurance (may be waived)
  • room and board charged by the program
  • any other fees charged by the program (see program websites for details)
  • credit for the program deposit 

Estimated program charges will be reflected in the statement. Once a statement is received from a program, the online billing statement will be updated if any adjustments are needed. Credits such as financial aid, program deposits, or subsidies will be included. The Cashier will pay the program upon receipt of the invoice.

Payment is due to Grinnell at the same time as the on-campus study. Those who have selected the monthly payment plan may continue and the payments will be adjusted accordingly. 

Questions regarding billing should be directed to 641-269-4100.  

Financial Aid

Grinnell allows you to apply your financial aid and merit aid package to off-campus study. Estimated aid calculators and aid policy regarding the off-campus study can be found on the website as well as in Grinnell Share (requires Grinnell login credentials). Note that out of pocket costs are considered in financial aid and are usually credited on your statement. These costs may be covered by additional loans. Students studying abroad will not be able to participate in work-study

Questions regarding financial aid or individual financial aid counselling should be directed to Gretchen Zimmerman at 641-269-3250.

Program Deposits

Advance deposits are not paid by the college. Once you receive your acceptance letter from your program you will need to pay the program deposit to confirm your intent to participate. Check program websites to find out the exact amount ($500 is typical) and policies regarding deposits. Be sure to meet with Financial Aid early enough to discuss any additional loans or funding that you may need for out of pocket costs. After receiving your deposit, the program will send you detailed information about flights, visas, housing and other important details. The advance deposit will appear as a credit on your college invoice toward the program cost. 

Advance deposits are usually non-refundable. Refer to individual program websites for cancellation policies.

Return Semester Deposit

Grinnell has a $200 return semester deposit required of all students. The deposit is prerequisite to room draw and preregistration. Notification of the due date for this payment is given to students and parent/guardian(s) in March of each year.