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Program Applications

After you have approval to study off campus 

Application Forms

Program websites will have paper or online applications and instructions. Links to program homepages can be found on each program brochure under Program Search. Every program has a program contact that can answer any questions you may have regarding the application by email or phone.

Submitting Applications

Submit the application by the deadline date on your Grinnell approval letter not the deadline on the program website. The OCS Office has moved most due-dates forward to maximize your chances of admission. If you miss the deadline you are given, you may still apply to the program but risk not being admitted to programs with rolling admissions. 

Authorization Forms

Authorization forms or home school authorization forms confirm you have received permission from your school to apply to their programs. A few program providers request authorizations be completed online (Arcadia, Middlebury, IFSA-Butler, Dickinson and CIEE) by the office. In these cases, their software generates requests to us automatically. Some programs with online applications have electronic authorization forms available. Forms may also be scanned and saved as a pdf. Electronic forms should be emailed to for completion. You may request the signed form be sent to you via email for upload into your application or be sent directly to the program.  Paper forms may be brought to the OCS Office. The OCS Office will scan the form and email it to the provider and cc you. Please note: Grinnell has agreements with IES Abroad, DIS Copenhagen, DIS Sweden, and Aquincum Institute of Technology regarding authorization forms. There is no need to provide forms to these programs or providers. IES Abroad internship or service learning forms, however, should be sent to OCS for completion.

Letters of Recommendation

Paper recommendation forms should be sent directly to the program. Please do not ask faculty to send their letters to the OCS Office or to Program Advisers. Allow faculty at least one week to complete a recommendation request. During the summer it may be more difficult to reach some faculty so be sure to request recommendations early. Please note: For ACM programs, the OCS office will provide copies of faculty recommendations from your application; new recommendation requests are unnecessary.


Instructions by the Registrar can be found on the website.  Indicate that the transcript be sent directly to the program.  You will need to fill out the program address. The Registrar requires 2 days notice to issue a transcript.  If your program requires that the transcript be mailed with the paper application, request it be sent to you by campus mail.

Program Deposit

Once you are accepted by the program you will receive a request for a deposit; $500 is typical. The deposit secures your place on the program. You are responsible for paying the deposit. A credit will be issued on your student account. Be sure to check the program website for the amount and policies. After you have sent in your deposit, the program will send you information regarding visas, travel, housing and coursework.